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Good game, BUT first of all, you can no longer write on signs. Second, crashes happen very often. Third, when I left stuff in a chest and left to go to another app, the next time I came back the chest was gone, and so was my inventory. Please fix these bugs! I seem to be experiencing these in cloud-saved content!

Love it but

There hasnt been an update for awhile now and the game still has issues like when I boot up the game a message saying everyday sdk and there are more but thats one of them

1 star

I was playing the game with my friend and it kicked me out of the game then I went back on it and my best character was gone.


Worth the money best game on the App Store definitely would recommend though there are some very small bugs.

Good game.

Terraria mobile is a fun game. Good gameplay. The graphics are... well... Theyre like that on purpose, but everything seems stiff. There are better games out there, but that doesnt make this a bad game.


Omg this is like the best game I have ever played me and my friend stayed up all night last night playing so like add new amour and weapons also new bosses and add new pets

Great game but need one thing

Only the computer version is updating and not this Im getting fed up with this its like where not here u forgot about us u moved on to the bigger and better Terraria and i getting a little mad at this so....

Read please?

I love this game, I love exploring and the soundtrack is beautiful, but I have Some uh... Complaints: Whenever I open the crafting menus, most of the time it takes 30 secs to a minute and/or it crashes or its ok. The lag can cause me to crash, even on small worlds.Also there was a glitch where i lost my slimey saddle and the fishing pole from the traveling merchant. But other than that, this is a splendid game, could spend hours upon hours, exploring, building, all kinds of things. Also Gimme that 1.3 update when ya can, keep up the work!

Get the PC Version

It can even run on the worst of computers

I think you should add this so the app users dont suffer and cry.

I think you should add data recovery or add a "deleted players and worlds" tab where all your deleted things are there and you can recover them if you want. Many people (including me) have accidentally deleted their player they were doing a play though with. It is infuriating and makes many of them scream in rage and cry. Add it so we dont try to kill either us or ReLogic and 505 Games NOW

I love this game

This is one of my favorite games to play even when you think you finished theres all ways something to do


Terraria is a great game but I think you could add some more items and stuff. Terraria on ipad, tablet, phone, and iPod.is the only type that is not yet all the way finished. It doesnt even have yo yos there fun to use. But the main problem for me is that Ive beat the game so many times that its not fun any more plus not all the bosses are in it so creators of terraria plz and this and step up your game so I can have and play terraria agen. And did I mention ITS NOT FUN ANYMORE. so please add more stuff?

You have to do this

Hi Im back and the game also needs these 5 things number 1 ad in a my little pony world were you can kill all the ponys number 2 ad in sand storms for the desert number 3 ad in more bosss and all bosss number 4 ad in more npcs and all npcs number 5 ad more traps and uses your mind to make the trap and please do my traps from my number 1 review.

When is the new update?

Ive been playing when it came out and im still waiting :(

Great game... but

This was a great game before the update but after, it had TONS of items deleted from my inventory including 30 truffle worms. Also, theres this glitch where I make sure that the game saves multiple times and when I come back to the game, everything Ive done- HOURS of gameplay, flushed down the toilet. Aside from that, the game should really get updated. Those are the only downsides to this game. And like I was saying before, I can play this for hours without noticing. All in all, good game, a few flaws.

Terraria complaint

One thing I hate is that you cant edit your character once you make it

Great game, but its not meant for mobile.

The control is simply abysmal.

1.3 Update is coming soon!!!

For those of you who dont know, the devs are planning on taking 1.3 terraria from the pc and converting it to be playable on mobile devices. According to recent forums and news, the update should be released by this year. Stay tuned...

Four Stars

Every thing is awesome about this game but the only problem is that t you cant update the game

I want to add some stuff

This is my favorite game ever but I would like to add some stuff 1 I would like to add the moon lord and the cultist 2 I would like to add the tax collectior and the bartender 3 I would like to add all the stuff that was removed 4 I would like to add the old ones army and the lunar event and Martian madness 5 Thats all

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